Manoj Senguttuvan

Graduate Student in Computer Science


May 2018

Arizona State University, USA

Master of Computer Science — 3.11/4 GPA

May 2013

Vellore Institute of Technology, India

Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science Engineering— 7.89/10 GPA


Clustering, Indexing and Classification of Multimedia Data

Dec 2016

  • – Extracted color histogram, SIFT features and motion vectors of videos
  • – Reduced dimensions of the extracted features using PCA and K-Means to enhance indexing
  • – Used PageRank and ASCOS to compute similarity between videos
  • – Implemented Locality Sensitive Hashing in order to facilitate fast retrieval

Visual Recommender for StackExchange’s CrossValidated's Users

Dec 2016

  • – Crawled to obtain questions, answers, comments and upvotes.
  • – Identified which topics users are proficient in based on the gathered information using Topic Modelling
  • – Recommended questions to be answered to users based on topics they are proficient in.

Roommate Finder Application

Mar 2016

  • – Created a google form to aggregate all the information of students admitted to Arizona State University from India
  • – Created a form for students to search for other students with similar sleep patterns, food styles and a lot of other factors based on the google form results stored in a google sheet.

Repository for Tamil short films

May 2015

  • – Used's APIs to search tamil short films by keyword, and classified them into Romance, Comedy and Thriller using python's NLTK package
  • – Developed a website to display these movies, in order to act as a platform for both short film makers and watchers.
  • – Developed the website using NodeJS' ExpressJS framework, SQLite, AngularJS and Twitter Bootstrap.

Command-Line SMS Client for

Jun 2012

  • When SMS' were limited to 100 per day in India in early 2012, there wer a few online SMS gateway providers who saved the day. But, to use them a user has to cross a ton of advertisements, and it nearly takes about five whole minutes to send an SMS on I used PHP's cURL APIs to login and submit the form to send the SMS. This reduced the time required to send the SMS to about 20 seconds.

Student Ranking System

Mar 2012

  • – Crawled through VIT University's Student Performance Index pages to acquire the grade information of all students
  • – Parsed this information to retrieve the GPA and grades of all students and stored it in a MySQL database
  • – Retrieved the rank of a student upon request, by computing the rank based on their CGPA. If two students have the same GPA, the one with most S grades gets the higher rank.


Cyber Socio Intelligent Systems Laboratory

Graduate Services Assistant

Oct 2016 - Present

  • – Crawling and parsing darkweb websites to extract useful information for research
  • – Replaced Firefox with PhantomJS while crawling dynamic websites to crawl the pages faster, and reduced the memory usage by 35%.

Zoho Corporation

Member Technical Staff

Jun 2013- Jan 2015

  • – Integrated ZOHO Survey to Google Sheets by adding a new entry in Google Sheets upon acquiring a response.
  • – Developed a library for converting survey responses to IBM’s SPSS format.
  • – Developed a user information retrieval plugin for Google Chrome during my free time that reduced support response time by 30%
  • – Developed the Triggered Email feature that triggers an email to a recipient defined by the survey owner on satisfying conditions mentioned.

Cognizant Technology Solutions


Dec 2012 - April 2013

Was part of a team that developed an application for Cognizant's OneCognizant platform for identifying the best deals for a product. I was responsible for developing the web application stack using .NET framework, MSSQL database and HTML, CSS, Javascript and JQuery on the client-side.


R Programming by John Hopkins University

Coursera Course Certificates - License Number - 35GRRJEWJ34G

Apr 2016

Big Data, Cloud Computing, & CDN Emerging Technologies by
Yonsei University

Coursera Course Certificates - License Number - F55UMLT4JZ4X

Mar 2016

Cognizant Certified Student

Cognizant - License Number - CCS/2012/01527

Apr 2012

IPv6 Networking

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited - License Number - 5572/1/2011

Dec 2011

Fundamentals Of Telecom

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited - License Number - 5536/21/2011

Dec 2011


  • AngularJS
  • Bootstrap
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • JQuery
  • NodeJS
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Java
  • R
  • Apache Spark
  • Apache Cassandra
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL